Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coupla freshies!

Catching up on laundry and blogs! Here are pictures from March through June. Most are from our time with Levi and some various other goodies! Seth is a very happy clam, but also our most tender little guy. He will fight for what he wants and defend himself viciously... hmm... those two sentences don't seem to fit together, yet that is a rather good description of our Sephers at this point. He makes everyone very happy with his hilarious dance moves to his jibberish with a word or two thrown in there!

Seth meeting baby Levi

Throwing rocks into the river

Easter Sunday... a little present from the mama bunny....

cute pict of Seth, Levi and Lars

Holding his only little brother... you could tell how teenie Levi was when he was in Seth's arms!

Handsome little dude... wish I had a better picture of him!

Happy Loot from Aunt Fifi, Uncle Shaun and the Wood Chitlins... Thanks!!

Seth with his Papa the Graduate!

Jedidiah's Birthday, eating cinnamon rolls in the morning and cake at the park in the evening... Seth's enjoying the birthday ride!

Summer TIME!!!

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